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About Us

Chiropractor Dr Paul Needham graduated from New Zealand College of Chiropractic in 2001. Following his graduation, he took on the new challenge of owning his business. Auckland South Chiropractic was the perfect location and offered the ability to serve a broad array of people in the Auckland South community.

Dr Paul and his team welcome everyone in our area to experience what chiropractic can do for them-all ages can get the care they need at our practice, from children to adults.

Our Mission Statement

At Auckland South Chiropractic, we love life.

We are grateful for the opportunity to guide you and your family on your journey towards optimal health.

We aim to serve with integrity and respect and inspire future generations, empowering you to achieve your goals.

Who We Are

We are an energetic, fun, passionate, enthusiastic, supremely skilled and efficient team, and are greatly respected. We are empathetic and strive to exceed expectations. We achieve satisfaction, enjoyment and fulfilment by serving ourselves and others.

Who We Help

Our people are proactive, inquisitive and make positive health choices. They are chiropractic commandos, focused on lifetime wellness care, who willingly pay for their awesome chiropractic care.

We provide an optimal environment for the growth and development of future generations.

Auckland South Chiropractic gives you the ultimate chiropractic experience!

Learn More Today

Are you curious about chiropractic and what it may be able to do for you? Contact our friendly, helpful team today to discuss more about what we do! We can answer all your questions or set you up for your first appointment with Dr Paul.

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