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Meet Dr Brittany Carroll, BSc. Kin. BSc. Chiro

Dr Brittany photoWelcome to our new chiropractor Dr. Britt!

Britt was born and raised in Canada but has been here in NZ for the past four years. Some of you may have met her already as she’s been observing Dr. Paul here at the office while doing her chiropractic study.

Britt was an avid ice hockey player and discovered chiropractic care after being injured in a game. She learned firsthand that chiropractic can help the body heal and how important taking care of your body is to both your mental and physical health.

Dr Britt utilises Diversified technique, Thompson, Activator, and NET.

Through chiropractic I’ve gained a greater appreciation of how interconnected the body is. I’ve also learned how much our mental and physical health are related to each other and that working towards wellness is a greater journey than avoiding sickness.


Out of the Office

In her spare time, you can find her coaching at the ice rink or hanging out in the mountains. Feel free to ask her about how much she misses a Canadian winter!

Get Started Today

Dr. Britt is currently accepting new practice members. If you’d like to get under care with her you can give us a call or send us an email.


Dr. Brittany Carroll | (09) 298 5012