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Meet Dr Paul Needham, Chiropractor

Dr Paul photoAs a sports enthusiast from childhood, Paul was introduced to physiotherapy treatments that made him start thinking about how everything is connected. After leaving school, he worked various jobs here in New Zealand and Canada. During a stint in California, a friend’s recommendation led him to get chiropractic care.

Choosing the Chiropractic Path

The chiropractor Paul went to see explained how and why chiropractic was different and why it worked. “This resonated with me, and I researched chiropractic colleges in the US.” Paul had spoken with his parents about chiropractic, then they sent him a news clipping about a new school opening in Auckland.

Paul applied while still overseas and came home for interviews but was not accepted due to the time away from study. “I decided to enrol at Auckland University, and prove I could study, reapplied the next year, got accepted, and the rest is old news!”

Qualifications and Continuous Learning

Paul graduated from Auckland University with a BSc in Physiology and from the NZ College of Chiropractic with a BSc in Chiropractic in 2000. His commitment to his profession does not end with these qualifications. He continuously seeks professional development opportunities, participating in seminars, conferences, in-house training, and mentoring – logging 20 hours of Continuing Professional Development each year as required by the NZ Chiropractors Association.


Passion and Fulfilment

For Paul, the most fulfilling part of being a chiropractor is helping people become their best selves by opening their eyes to health and wellness possibilities. Outside his professional life, Paul remains an active individual. He enjoys going to the gym, competing in bicycle races, snow and water skiing, and mountain biking with his family.

Take That First Step Towards Optimal Health

Ready to explore the path to better health with Paul? Book an appointment today and experience for yourself the incredible benefits of chiropractic care!


Dr Paul Needham | (09) 298 5012