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Meet Dr Paul Needham (Chiropractor)

Chiropractor Auckland South, Dr. Paul NeedhamExperiencing the Power of Chiropractic

Chiropractic wasn’t Paul’s first career. He was running and maintaining commercial fishing boats in the U.S. after having been a carpenter for many years. After an injury, someone suggested he see a chiropractor. That chiropractor explained exactly what chiropractic did and how the body functioned. It resonated with Paul to the point that he came home to New Zealand and applied to chiropractic college.

I’d always had a bigger idea about what health truly was. It wasn’t just about a lack of symptoms. Wellness and vitality includes chiropractic, eating right, exercise, sleeping well and a work-life balance.

After graduating from New Zealand Chiropractic College, Paul purchased Auckland South Chiropractic. That was back in 2001, and he’s been a part of our community ever since. The specialised training he’s undertaken includes techniques such as Thompson, Applied Kinesiology and Webster, which he is certified in.

Staying Busy in Auckland South

Staying fit and active as a family is important to Paul and his wife Amanda. He goes to the gym, races pushbikes and goes mountain biking, often with his children. Both kids(boys) are into cross country and trail running. The older also enjoys playing the guitar and swimming, while the younger plays hockey and the piano and does karate.

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