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Free Your Feet: A Shift Towards Barefoot Movement

young-woman-stretching-foot-sqMaybe you enjoyed the liberating feeling of running around barefoot as a kid and would like to recapture the sensation but with shoes on. But not modern shoes, which, despite their aesthetic appeal, actually weaken our feet. By disconnecting us from the ground, they restrict natural movement, thus leading to poor posture. Good alignment, the foundation of efficient movement, is often compromised.

Embrace the Natural Posture

It’s vital to sit less, move more, allow gravity to do its thing and let your feet serve as an anchor for improved balance. When you’re ready, take the natural posture and those well-connected feet for a walk. Always be sure to walk before you run, and remember these tips:

  1. Stand tall
  2. Soften your knees
  3. Relax your shoulders
  4. Keep your strides short
  5. Heel stroke, not strike

Over the next few weeks, every step will rebuild your natural strength, feeling and mobility. Remember: the transition back to strong, healthy feet takes time and this is your first step!

Join the Barefoot Revolution

Your feet are remarkable – they house 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. We believe in the power of healthy feet, which is why we endorse using minimalistic, foot-shaped shoes that support healthy foot function. The ideal shoe, we argue, is a flat, flexible one. We recommend VIVOBAREFOOT shoes, which are stocked at our practice.

Transitioning to barefoot or minimalist shoes requires time and careful monitoring. Foot mobility exercises and routine foot health assessments are vital to this transition.

Take the first step towards healthier feet – visit Auckland South Chiropractic today and experience how great you can feel wearing VIVOBAREFOOT shoes!


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